Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet City ,Bankstown Review

                                                                                                         by the Konstant Kraver

Baklava sweet baklava!! I have this lovely Egyptian lady at work who spoils us by bringing in these big beautiful trays of all things sweet and delicious ranging from baklava to petite fours and all sorts of exotic sweets which I can't even pronounce mainly because I'm too focused on stuffing my face with as many as I  can sample.

I love the warmth and the instant comfort you get from these Arabic sweets: the spices marry perfectly with the sugar, nuts, dates, etc. to make you feel like you’re being wrapped up in a  blanket of all things yummy. There was one that I only wish I remembered the name of as that stood out for me. It was this beautiful crumbly melt-in-your mouth cookie and when you bite into it, it had what looked and tasted like, for lack of a better description, a date jam…fabulous!! Sweet City Bankstown here I come !!!!!
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