Sunday, September 5, 2010

Krispy Kremes Part I

Original/Apple Custard Pie/Rocky Road
Today I walked past a little Krispy Kreme Doughnut stand in BlackTown NSW Australia. I told my self I would be good. I circled the stand like a a predator closing in on its prey and ended up in front of it. I mean - if I was good all the time this blog wouldn't exist!
After taking in my many options I decided I would break it down and try three flavours at a time. Before you ask - yes I caved when I was told that for just 89 cents more I could get a box of six! I randomly picked the following flavours:
1. The Original Glazed Doughnut
2. Chocolate Rocky Road
3. Apple Custard Pie Doughnut.

The Original was always  my favorite in the past being so light and airy and not overly sweet and when you warm it up for about 10 seconds (in the microwave) it just melts in your mouth. It is always a good starting point when faced with so many options.
Chocolate Rocky Road

On to the Rocky Road! It looked intriguing enough seeing as I have a soft spot for marshmallows, but really there was nothing exciting there to report. It was just your basic doughnut dunked in chocolate with some marshmallows stuck on top.The real surprise and the definite winner out of the three was the Apple Custard Pie Doughnut.

It was sensational, a party started happening in my mouth as soon as I bit into it. The golden doughnut puff  with  a thin layer of white royal icing on the top to which the lovely buttery and slightly nutty crumble topping was adhered to. As you bite into it an amazing apple custard with a slight hint of cinnamon oozes out and at that moment all I was thinking was  "Please don't let this end!" Sadly end it did: but 20 minutes later I am still in a happy sugary doughnut day dream phase. The crumble topping complimented it beautifully.
Apple Custard Pie Doughnut

If you get the chance you have to try it! Next time and trust me there will be a next time I think I will warm it up for about 10 seconds, too…nothing like warm  apple custard pie...mmmm.


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