Saturday, August 28, 2010

BlackBerry Jam Tarts

Kitchen Kravings Kreations Recipes Update
When ever I think of Jam tarts  I am instantly transported back in time to the days when my mum would bake these off course it always had to be a special occasion , like a birthday which is perhaps what made them all the more loved because we knew it wasn’t an every day thing. So you can imagine my excitement when I actually found a recipe on line.

These are heavenly straight out of the oven. The original recipe is for strawberry jam tarts from one of my favourite blogs. The English kitchen. I made a few changes because I didn’t have vegetable shortening and I had sour cream. I had interesting incident where I learned that the reason oven mitts sets have one glove and one square is not because the manufactures are being stingy with the material.

It was one of those times when you think you know better admittedly this time it did not go to plan. I picked up two oven mitts from two different sets and attempted to get my tray of jam tarts out of the oven. I found I had very little grip and yes you guessed it one tray went flying after some matrix type maneuver's I managed to save a quarter of the tray. I couldn’t very well let the smashed one go to waste and I needed the energy to clean up the hot jam off the floor so don’t judge me. They may not have looked pretty but, they were fantastic. It was back to square one to see how they eventually turned out and the slight modifications I made to the pastry. Check out my Kitchen Kravings Kreations Recipes section

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