Friday, September 17, 2010

The Betty Crocker Ducky Cake Project...

                                                               by the Konstant Kraver
My nephews birthday was rapidly approaching, I was rapidly running out of time  trying to decide whether this year I would even attempt a kiddies birthday cake. To the trusty Internet I went searching for ideas, and lo and behold I came across this Betty Crocker Cake Mix Rubber Ducky Cake, and I'm sure most of you who have or had two year old's around have soon come to realize that they have some sort of weird obsession with rubber duckies.

Anyway the project began the recipe did say that you only needed one box of cake mix,but I was some what skeptical of this fact so I bought two. What do you know it turns out they were right ,I only needed one .For the tail as you can see in the picture I did not use candy I instead used two shortbread biscuits and for the eyes ,you can always count on Smarties or M&M's. The beak were just some sugar candy's ,pasted rather well onto the duck with a good wad of icing , as were the tail. I just had to give him a little Mohawk & make him a unique rubber ducky. The body is covered in your basic butter icing and this is the one time that it is ok to go a little crazy with the yellow food colouring the darker the better I say! Just relax and have fun with it !
All in all I was quite happy with the result it was a little messy seeing as I did it over three hours , but I didn't think I had the patience to do a shaped cake , and trust me If I could do it anyone can ...seeing as being patient was never my strong suit.I was just thrilled that my nephew recognized what it was ,no bribing necessary..phew!!

Now I am aware that not everyone will be able to get the Betty Crocker Cake Mixes, so all you really need is a cake recipe for a 22cm/9inch cake to make this Rubber Ducky Cake. Whether you make it chocolate or vanilla is completely up to you I opted for the chocolate. Do watch the video on making the cake it will make life easier.I apologize for the not so great quality  photos of the end result, my camera battery's chose that very moment to die on me. If you have a little ones birthday coming up this really is a fun easy cake to make!
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