Friday, July 23, 2010

Cake...Glorious. Birthday Cake!

Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Cake...Glorious cake.....there really isn't anything better

July in my household is offically "The Month of Cake "due to the numerous birthdays. I am sure if that reason did not exist we would find some other excuse to gorge ourselves on fantastic delights. By the end of July the word "cake" is usually spoken in hushed tones as if one is afraid merely mentioning it will magically cause a hundred cakes to be lined up outside our front door! Having said that… what better topic to do a review on than cakkkkess? I have to say out of all the cakes sampled this month thus far, only three stand out. The first of which one is a Chocolate Raspberry Cake, the second, more a tart than a cake, was Almond and Orange ...lovely… and finally, and by no means least, a dark,white and milk chocolate layered mousse cake….called the Grand Finale , from Cakes Online Australia
I do think it is slightly unfair to pit the Orange and Almond tart against these two chocolate dynamos but it was fantastic  and perfect when you want something not-too-sweet. The winner for me has to be the Chocolate Raspberry Cake from Saint Germaines Patisserie in Redfern.
Almond and Orange Tart
Sure it doesn't look as pretty as the Grand Finale from Cakes Online  Australia but there was just something about it. It really was hard to pick one as all three was soooo good, but the Chocolate Raspberry Cake  just had a certain element of freshness, two moist chocolate cakes sandwiched together with what I think (can’t be 100 % certain ) is a chocolate ganache icing and the freshest, plumpest raspberries. The Grand Finale Cake was fantastic but in my humble opinion  had too many fancy swirls so the first time I ate it,  I felt sick before even getting to the cake, it was only afterward when I sampled the cake on its own that I truly appreciated it, which I guess is my own fault since I was distracted by all those pretty chocolate swirls and curls.
Grand Finale
There always has to be a favourite and the favourite is the Chocolate Raspberry from  Saint Germaines Patisserie.Perhaps part of the reason being the care it took to balance the thing on a crowded train and still managing to get it home relatively unscathed. That takes skill! A bond was formed!
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