Thursday, August 12, 2010

Churros anyone ?

It was lovely sunny afternoon in Glebe, I had some time to kill and a craving for churros that was just pointless trying to fight. Since the last time I had visited San Churro was a couple of years ago I decided to treat my self to the churro's with dark chocolate....yum (the healthier option I tell myself).

I didn't have to wait long before my order arrived and I tried not to look overly excited and approached them with as much elegance and decorum as I could muster.

The churro's were cooked to perfection: they had this beautiful golden colour on the outside and were lightly dusted with icing sugar. The churros themselves were crunchy whilst still being fabulous on the inside and not overdone at all. The little pot of dark chocolate was the right temperature - thank goodness, as there is nothing worse then burning your tongue on hot chocolate and then not being able to taste anything for a week! 

I do think I had built it up to be a little more fantastic in my mind - perhaps I would have enjoyed the white chocolate more, but it was a satisfactory fix for a Friday afternoon chocolate craving. 

The staff were warm and friendly which is sometimes something that is hard to find. I will no doubt have to go back there to try out a few of the other things on the menu ...ahhh so  much chocolate so little time, who am I kidding I will find the time!

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