Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chocolate Green Apples

                                                        by the konstant kraver

When were kids , mum always used to tell us bout these chocolate apples cakes my dad used to bring her, this bakery luckily was still around and we got to sample them . This is my take on them using my favourite shortcut product of the moment . Nestle TopN fill no more anxiously biting your finger nails trying to make caramel from scratch..phew

4 cups cake crumbs (2x 250g Coles Choc Mini Roles )
1 can 380g Nestle TopN fill (You will only use about 1/2 -3/4 of the can )
2tsp brandy or brandy essence
12 White Cupcake cases

    To Decorate

    1 cup sifted icing sugar
    2oz butter
    1tsp green colouring
    2tbls milk
    handful of cloves


    1. Break up the mini rolls and place in a food processor. Process until finely chopped, this will take about 10 seconds. Transfer to a mixing bowl, then stir in the brandy and let it sit for about 10 mins
    2. Open up your can of you caramel and warm  up about 3/4 of the can in the microwave for about 15 seconds (Make sure you transfer it out of the can and into a microwave safe container).

    3.Combine the warmed caramel with cake crumbs and mix well. Divide into 12, then use clean hands to roll the mixture into balls that sort of resemble little apples. Line 12 muffin pan with the white cases , and place each rolled ball into the the cases

    4.To decorate: Place the icing sugar , butter and milk into a small saucepan and cook on a low heat whisking all the time till it is just about to reach boiling point. Take of the heat and  add the vanilla essence and the colouring and whisk. Working quickly because the icing will set pour it gently over the the rolled balls of cake crumbs in the cupcake cases.

    5.To finish off the apple places a clove in the center of each as the stem. Refrigerate until set.


    1. This sounds like a fun dessert! I totally had to click on your link for the top N fill though and will be keeping an eye out for it at my local market (love trying new things!).

    2. These look wonderful. Amazing job.

    3. Just don't put the can, right into the microwave oven, or you will blow up your kitchen...LOL
      That is one gorgeous green apple chocolate dessert!