Monday, October 25, 2010


                                                                                                 by the Konstant Kraver

I did a review earlier on one of their cakes which was so  beautiful that I felt that St. Germaine's Patisserie needed a follow up visit.

Their macaroons are so bright and colourful you instantly feel more cheerful just standing there looking a them .Out of the gorgeous three you see in the photo. I went straight for the green pistachio one which was so light that it just crumbled in your mouth the pistachio flavouring was very subtle.It could have been stronger now that I think about it , but at the time I was lost in my pistachio macaroon heaven.

Next I moved onto the pastry which they call the "Conversation Cake" which depending on the day you go in they put different kinds of filling in it  some days it is peaches, some raspberries etc. Today it was chocolate:it was as if a layer of chocolate was delicately wrapped in layers of a sweet almost nutty-type pastry. As my sister best described it the taste and flavours that came out of it were surprising , you would not have thought that something that looked so robust and sturdy could have such a lovely delicate flavour of nuts, pastry and chocolate all in one little bundle.It definitely was not dry in the center as my first thoughts were as sometimes with these pastry things they tend to get over done, but no not this.Aah the "Conversation  Cake " I do know if anyone tried to start up a conversation while I was devouring this sumptuous treat they would be quite easily ignored but it is definitely worth striking a conversation about!

Macroons and Conversation Cake
St Germaine's Patisserie  gets two thumbs up and in fact more follow up visits are needed, I mean there were quite a few things there I still haven't tried and I do hate to leave a job half done. St Germaine 's is worth a visit, and it is not too far from the the Redfern train station so really you have no excuse not to get there .
Saint Germaine's Patisserie
88 Rosehill Street
Redfern NSW 2016

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  1. looks very colorful..:)
    drop to my blog when u hvetime..congrats on making top 9

  2. lol...that they are ...Thanks I will be paying your blog a visit you can count on it :)