Monday, October 4, 2010

Pattison’s Patisserie -St Ives NSW, Sydney

                                                                                                                               by the Konstant Kraver
When you walk into Pattisson's Patisserie in St Ives,NSW Australia it is very hard not to be impressed: the layout is large and spacious and has a french feel to it, with its nice shiny black and white floors and hustle and bustle of people coming in while its friendly staff are trying to stay on top of it all.They have the longest display counter,showcasing  all their fabulous delights which seems to go on forever and leaves you standing there salivating and wandering how you will ever decide on just one thing. So I didn't I chose the Mixed Nutty Tart and a Date scone.... I mean life is about giving your self options after all.

Mixed Nutty Tart

The nutty tart had a shortbread base filled with a layer of almond cake and topped with a roasted mixture of nuts in a caramel sauce, disappointing the almond cake was a little dry the mixed nuts in the caramel was the highlight of the tart but by the end ,it became sickly sweet and I felt like I was in desert in desperate need of an oasis.
Mixed Nutty Tart

The date scone was also somewhat unimpressive and did not have enough dates in my opinion. I did regret not getting the jam with it. If cream had been an option , it is certainly one I would  have jumped at.

Date scone

Perhaps it was my selection but I found it slightly disappointing overall not to mention a tad bit pricey. Presentation wise I would happily give them five gold stars,but when something has had that much time and effort put into the presentation you kinda of have great expectations of it, which sadly fell short in my opinion.Like I mentioned earlier they have such a massive selection I guess the only thing to do is go back and try again.I have been told they have a Creme Brulee tart that must be tried stay tuned.

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